Planting for Platinum!

This morning, pupils at Willow Lodge moved one step closer to achieving their Platinum Award, which is the highest level of the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Award. 

Twelve pupils from our six infant classes pulled on their wellies and joined Mrs Callaghan to plant trees at the new Forest School that is in development at our Junior School. 

Three types of tree were planted today; Rowan, Crab Apple and Hazel. The native British trees were chosen to edge the entrance to the new Forest School as they will attract birds and other wildlife to the area.

The pupils involved in today’s planting are already looking forward to being able to enjoy their trees when they move up to the Junior School. Sophia, aged six, said: “This is amazing and I can’t wait to see the trees grow taller as I grow too.”

Assisted by our grounds team, the children did a fantastic job of digging holes, planting the saplings and ensuring that the young trees were protected.

As they walked back to Willow Lodge, the children were full of excitement. Arlo, aged four, told his classmates: “This has been great fun. The birds will love these trees.”

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