Promoting positive mental health


King’s Mental Fitness Ambassador Initiative has the aim to promote being mentally fit in order to maintain good mental health. To help promote mental fitness across the school, Sixth Form students have been trained in mental health awareness by MHFA England. They have a number of responsibilities but the most important is to promote the idea of mental fitness and help other pupils find ways to exercise it.

During this term’s remote learning, they have been delivering sessions to other students about working well if students are feeling anxious. This is a 5-week programme that they devised and the Mental Fitness Ambassador team is delivering it remotely to those in the Fifth Year who signed up to the programme. We hope to roll this out to other year groups in due course and also create other 5-week mini courses. 

Promoting positive mental health and well-being at such an uncertain time is so important, and so we’re very grateful to those who are trying to send a positive message and conserve mental health at this time.