French Film Competition Success for Tom

When Oxford University called for budding film enthusiasts to embrace the world of French cinema and enter a competition to re-write the ending of a classic French film (in no more than 1500 words!) Tom Owens (L6AM) answered the call!

Tom based his work on the classic ‘Microbe et Gasoil’. The challenge was to rewrite the end of the film in a way which captured the imagination of the judging panel amongst a highly competitive field.  Tom approached the task thoughtfully and with an enthusiastic engagement with the film and he submitted a highly creative and entertaining essay.

The judges were so impressed with his entry, that they awarded our talented linguist a commendation in this highly demanding competition!

We look forward to more pupils following in Tom’s footsteps and taking on the challenge next year and in the meantime, ‘Microbe et Gasoil’ will be available to watch soon at the MFL Film Club.