Guys & Dolls is a smash hit

Our J4 pupils triumphed in their stunning production of Guys and Dolls. Right from the very first moment when the ‘Dolls’ met the ‘Guys’ the audience were taken back to 1940s New York, where gamblers rubbed shoulders with the earnest Mission Band as each try to leave their mark on the city.

The lead characters played their roles with great verve, confidence and flair. Luke Williams (J4H) (Nathan Detroit) brought out the delightful humour of this role and excelled in conveying the character’s emotions with excellent movement and vocal delivery. He worked superbly well with Sam Rigby (J4M) (Nicely Nicely), who also had wonderful comic timing and some outstanding physical movement. Both these characters contrasted wonderfully with Louis Roberts (J4H) (Sky Masterson) who played this smoothie with such maturity and excelled in his singing. He worked so well with both Eila O’Connor (J4H) and Brona Halpin (J4H) (both played Sarah Brown). Again, both girls brought an extraordinary level of maturity to the role and conveyed the conflicting emotions experienced superbly. Finally, Margot Melville (J4S) and Imogen Brander (J4M) (both played Miss Adelaide) both brought the house down with their wonderful comic timing, excellent movement and hilarious vocal delivery.

Above all this was a wonderful ensemble piece of theatre, with each and every member of the cast focusing superbly and conveying the range of emotions experienced through their posture, facial expressions and tone. This outstanding production was an absolute joy from beginning to end the rightly deserved the standing ovations it received.