Linguistic skills at the ready

Six Upper Sixth students took on the challenge of the Northern Schools’ Modern Foreign Languages Debating Competition, preparing arguments in French, German and Spanish. The topics covered everything from politics, the environment and education to the concept of happiness and success and whether war is ever avoidable. Ruhi Kaur (U6FOX) and Tom Owens (U6GLA) competed in the French, producing strong, fluent arguments whose accuracy and quality matched their ferocity and enthusiasm. Spanish was ably represented by Rhiannon Jackson (U6FOX) and Rebecca Perkins (U6FOX) who won both their initial rounds and dominated the opposition with their intelligent responses. In German, Conor Donsbach (U6FOX) and Poppy Allan (U6LES) showed their skill in delivering their position and defending it to the hilt whilst asking provocative questions of their opponents. We enjoyed some wins and endured some losses but the pupils’ arguments were exceptionally well prepared, structured and delivered, testament to their hard work and linguistic skill.