Magnificent Birds Inspire Pupils

Lucky children in J2 had the privilege of getting close to some beautiful birds of prey this week, to mark the launch of their new class book ‘Sky Hawk’ by Gill Lewis.

The book is an exciting and moving adventure story in which children who are passionate about the natural world use their friendships both at home and across the world to safeguard a very special Osprey called Iris.

To complement the book, our pupils are learning all about birds of prey themselves including their features, habitats and feeding habits. To bring it all to life they were treated to a visit from local bird of prey enthusiast Jimmi Hill. Jimmi shared his amazing knowledge of the natural world and brought along a number of magnificent birds including a Barn Owl, a Harris Hawk, a baby Indian Eagle Owl and a Southern White Faced Owl.

The children were thrilled as these magnificent creatures flew across the room, just above their heads, giving them an unparalleled view of the speed and skill that these birds command. It was a really inspiring session.