Manor Adventure Trip 2017

The Removes met for the first time as senior school pupils during the last week of Summer for the annual trip to Manor Adventure.

The bus journey was a great opportunity for pupils to catch up with old friends and get to know new ones and it was not long before Manor Adventure came into sight along with the array of activities which would occupy the next two days.

The activities included; crate stacking, which proved as popular as ever due to the need for team work and communication, whilst Rifle shooting and Archery also proved great fun for those who liked to test their accuracy skills since various instructors issued different challenges.

The obstacle courses and the underground maze were other challenging activities which allowed pupils to test their physical attributes. For those who enjoyed heights, the abseil tower and the high ropes course offered excitement and challenge.

The weather was kind over the duration of the trip with the rain conveniently falling as it was time for departure. Everyone worked extremely well together and many new friendships were forged which made a positive and promising start to the year.