Silver standard for our cadets

Eight cadets from King’s CCF completed the Cadet Cambrian Patrol last weekend and achieved a silver medal for their excellent performance. Congratulations to Ben Duncalf (U6SD), Henry Greaves (U6JR), Simon Parker (U6JR), Isobel Larken (U6CC), Chloe Cowan (U6JR), Huw Smith (L6SW), Amelia Standing (L6SB) and Scot Hodgson (L6ER).

Cambrian Patrol is the toughest test a cadet can undertake and the standards of skills required from cadets is extremely demanding. The patrol started late on Friday night with a briefing leading to orders to write and routes to plan for the 4am start on Saturday morning. Over the course of Saturday cadets covered over 30km of extremely demanding terrain in Sennybridge whilst carrying their webbing, daysacks and rifles. Along the route they encountered four challenge standards which tested their military knowledge, field-craft skills and their physical stamina. Our cadets also had a non-exercise incident to deal with and sacrificed time to stop and give support to a team that needed to withdraw; this lead to them winning the unofficial title of ‘kindest team’!

The cadets finished their route around 6pm on Saturday night well within their allotted time. Reports were then written up, meals cooked  and briefings given for the next day, with the cadets finally settling down to sleep early Sunday morning. The challenge continued hours later before dawn on Sunday with a demanding test of their ability to plan and execute an attack.

Of the 22 teams entering, only 2 hit the Gold standard, 5 Silver and 4 Bronze with the remainder receiving certificates of completion. Cadet Colour Sergeant Simon Parker said it was ‘the pinnacle of my incredible six years in cadets; the feeling of achievement when we completed the event was incredible and to win a Silver medal was amazing’. The Contingent Commander, Major Mike Lee, said that  ‘The King’s team’s silver medal is an indication of how hard they trained for the event, their determination and their closeness as a team; I am incredibly proud of them. It is a fantastic testament to the work of Sergeant Major Tony Brown who has transformed King’s CCF into one of the best cadet establishments in the country’.

cambrian patrol 5
cambrian patrol 6
cambrian patrol 3