Pupil plays pivotal role in developing new business

An innovative new digital and mobile payment system has been launched by one of our parents, with more than a little help from his son, Alex Donald (SHGRO).

ImageNPay is an image-based payment method that works with banks, e-wallets and payment networks, enabling users to personalise a virtual payment card with images and dynamic content.

Michael Donald, former Chief Commercial Officer at Bank of America, is founder and CEO of ImageNPay and intends for it to be a game-changer for the 11-16-year-old age group. That’s why, when Alex had some ideas to improve the product, Mr Donald listened.

“In November 2016, Alex was in the same room as me when I was on a call with potential investors. I thought he was just playing on his iPad but at the end of the call, he presented with me with something he had drawn and told me that ImageNPay would be a much better name than the name I was using!”

Alex also designed some of the imagery that was used in ImageNPay’s launch on Apple Pay, and created an animation in Minecraft that was used to demonstrate to Apple the concept of education, inclusion and collaboration in gaming and how it can link to charities.

Mr Donald is understandably proud of Alex’s contribution to the business, which is growing at an exciting pace.

He told us: “Alex has made so many contributions to the company roadmap, some of which are not yet technically possible but the patents pending for them have him noted as the inventor.”

Alex’s Head of House, Mr Blackham, also congratulated him on the part he played in his Dad’s business.

He said: “Alex should be incredibly proud of himself, coming up with the business name and working with his Dad to develop his ideas around the brand. I also think that Alex’s story shows us all how, in a changing economy and job market, creativity can be supported and young people can have a real impact.”