Removes enjoy a taste of German

Removes pupils recently enjoyed a taste of Germany as they made their own Brezeln (pretzels).

With the help of MFL prefects Max, Lily and Immie, they particularly enjoyed rolling out the dough to make the distinctive pretzel shape before baking and enjoying their delicious creations. 

German teacher Mr Bircham led the session and explained that the recipe and instructions were written entirely in German, giving many of the pupils’ first experience of the language. 

He said: “Our prefects listed the equipment and wrote the recipe and method in German.

“They did a great job of talking through the instructions with the Removes pupils and it was great to hear them picking up a few words as they went along. 

“This year’s Removes pupils all currently learn Spanish but they will start a second language in Shells.

“Today’s fun session has been a good way for them to experience German language and cuisine, so that they hopefully choose German next year.”