Rowing: Junior North Head 2024

On Sunday, 28 January, the King’s School Rowing Club (KSRC) took part in the first race of 2024, travelling to Runcorn for the Junior North Head on the River Weaver. 

In superb conditions, a total of nine VIIIs and seven fours from KSRC took part in competitive regional racing, with seven of the crews picking up impressive wins.

The event was good preparation for the boys’ and girls’ 1st VIIIs who are due to race at the national competition at Wycliffe Head on Saturday, 3 February.

With strong internal competition within the squads, both the J16 boys and girls fought hard with the whole J16 squad demonstrating their outstanding quality and proving too good for the regional competition.

For the J15s, this was a valuable opportunity to race against external competition in a new environment.

In this competition, they were responsible for loading and unloading their boats from the trailer, rigging and derigging their boats, boating on time and marshalling safely to the start.

Assistant Director of Rowing, James Gray, was impressed with them: “The J15s are doing a great job at getting these key processes right. If they follow the process, they can race their best race”.

Director of Rowing, David Blackham was very pleased with a successful day for the club: “Super day at the Junior Head, North. Many thanks to the organisers for sorting some excellent racing.

“Well done to the seven KSRC crews who walked away with medals, and great to see so many crews from the region making the most of the superb water.”

Pictured here are the victorious J16 girls.