Art and Sport come together at King’s!

We have received the most beautiful painting here at King’s….and there’s a rather unusual story behind it too!

Artist, Kaye Parmenter,  has visited the National Schools Regatta for the last two years. She is there to capture a moment on paper, be it a portrait or painting of a boat or crew.

Whilst soaking up the atmosphere and wandering around taking photos at the event in 2016, she noticed a pile of trainers by the waterside.   To her it was more than a pile of trainers – it represented a close team, and loving the colours and shapes she thought it would make a nice piece of art, so she painted it! 

Just before the event this year she tried to find the crew via social media hoping that she could track them down.  But sadly, she had no luck.  Kaye had almost given up hope, and whilst talking with people at the Regatta this year about the painting, she overheard a voice saying “they’re mine!”

Four girls from King’s; Helena Barker, Hannah Peters, Eleanor Heritage & Eve Jawara owned the trainers and also signed the painting. It is now here at the school and perfectly represents art and sport coming together – a true Cinderella story!