Shells take the classroom to Snowdonia

Students in Shells recently enjoyed a geographical fieldwork day in Snowdonia National Park, carrying out investigations into the impact of glaciation on the environment. 

Mrs McNabb, who led the trip, said: “After two years with no fieldtrips, it has been wonderful to bring these students out to Llyn Idwal.

“They spent the day developing their fieldwork skills and, importantly, reflecting on the importance of the area to the different groups that use this unique landscape.”

Students learned about the impact of ice flow by studying glacial striations and undertaking a range of data collection activities. 

Once back in the classroom, the students presented the data they had collected, and spent time evaluating the methods they had used in the field. 

Mrs McNabb concluded: “The skills that the students have used on the trip today are key to many different areas of the curriculum, and they will serve them well as they continue their studies in Thirds and beyond.”