Thinking outside the box!

Dr Faulkner, our Faculty Head of Science recently made a successful application for a grant to the Royal Biological Society to purchase some science equipment to lend out to local primary schools, so that they could conduct some amazing experiments.

With the help of our physics teacher Ms Davies, Dr Faulkner has put together two inspiring science boxes. The biology box, includes a model of the heart, some stethoscopes and some oximeters along with some helpful hints and ideas about experiments that can be conducted. This all came with some impressive data logging equipment that enabled the children to upload their findings onto a computer.

The physics box contains all sorts of electric circuitry and logic gates, enabling pupils to learn all about conductivity and what makes electrical items work.

We then harnessed the power of the parents and staff of the school and found kind-hearted individuals will to drop off and collect the boxes in primary schools all over the area. We have also relied heavily on our wonderful lab technicians who have volunteered their time to check and service the boxes each time they are returned to the school.

The feedback from the loans has been superb, with the schools and pupils being so grateful for the opportunity to really bring their science lessons to life. The last recipients at Blacklow Brow Primary School made the science department a wonderful thank you card to show their appreciation and to let us know how much they have enjoyed the experience. We are so pleased the science boxes are going to good use in the local community!

If you are interested in our science in a box initiative please contact