Sensory circuit adds movement and fun in Willow Lodge

Our youngest pupils returned to school after the half-term break to find a new addition to Willow Lodge that, as well as looking great in the main corridor, offers a multitude of benefits to the children. 

The ‘sensory circuit’ can be found between the Reception classrooms and the library, and is designed to give children an opportunity to take a sensory break and refocus their energy by following a circuit that engages different parts of their body and mind.

As well as improving both fine and gross motor skills, the circuit also stimulates cerebellum which helps them to learn better. 

Deputy Head of Willow Lodge, Hannah Gardiner, explained just a few of the ways the children will benefit from the new addition. 

She said: “One of the main purposes of the new sensory pathway is to help children to refocus their energy if they are finding it difficult to concentrate in the classroom.  

“Each of the fun and interactive activities have different benefits for body and brain. They will help with posture, balance, attention, special awareness and focus, and can aid processing, as well as support social and emotional well-being.

“The circuit can be used with the whole class or with individuals who need a movement break but one of the best things about it is that it is a lot of fun!”

Here are three of our Infant 1 children enjoying the path.