Skype chat with our Patron of Reading!

Our Infants were delighted to chat with our Patron of Reading, Non Pratt via Skype this week!

Non introduced the Book Bingo campaign to Willow Lodge at the beginning of the Lent term as part of her Patron of Reading role. Each year group received a different Book Bingo sheet, with categories including a book with a yellow cover, a book with an animal on the front cover or a book written by someone who also drew the pictures.

Pupils have been receiving prizes each time they complete a line on their sheet with all fully completed sheets being submitted into a special draw to win books provided by one of Non’s publishers, Macmillan Children’s Books.

Non announced the winners of the books via a Skype chat with the pupils, where they were given the opportunity to question her on numerous topics including her favourite book, her biggest inspiration and her top tips to become a successful author.

Congratulations to our winners of the Book Bingo; William Jones (IRR), Darragh Young (I1WG) and Harry McKenna (I2N).