A special visitor in Willow Lodge

As part of their Pets topic, children in our Reception classes were very excited to welcome Paco the Cockatoo into Willow Lodge. 

Paco is a 7-year old Citron Crested Cockatoo, who belongs to Elias in Wrens Class. He made a special trip into school with Elias’ Dad so that the other children could learn more about cockatoos, and about keeping a bird as a pet. 

The children asked some fantastic questions, and found out that Paco enjoys eating fruit and vegetables and, although he wasn’t in a very talkative mood during his time in Willow Lodge, that he can speak.  

Paco enjoyed his visit to Willow Lodge and Elias’ Dad, thanked the children for being so welcoming. 

He said: “The children were so respectful of Paco today, understanding that they had to be quiet and not get too close to his cage. 

“I was also very impressed by the questions they asked. Paco and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon in Willow Lodge.”