Success for Rowers at Wycliffe Head

Almost 100 King’s rowers made the annual trip to Wycliffe for our traditional curtain-raising event for the New Year. 

The morning division was a busy one with morale-boosting wins being achieved by the 1st VIII in Open Eights and the J15 Boys A boat with the J16 crew and the J15 B crew both producing very positive rows.

The morning division for the girl’s squads saw the J16s race in a quad scull while the J15 girls raced in two VIII’s. The King’s J16 girls demonstrated the technical progress they have made so far this year against strong opposition in a very competitive field and will have learned a great deal that will prove invaluable over the coming weeks and months. The J15 girls raced extremely maturely and managed to post the 1st and 2nd fastest time of any female eights of the morning division.

The afternoon division was led by a senior girl’s quad scull and 5 J14 octuple sculls. The Senior Girls raced well showing great progress after a very small number of outings together placing 3rd in a competitive WJ18 field. This was a fantastic achievement and will provide great confidence as they look forward to the School’s Head of the River and the summer regatta season.

The future looks bright for rowing at King’s with five J14 octuples racing in mixed boats at this event. The finishing order could not have been planned better by the coaches with a boys oct/girls oct/boys oct/girls oct/boys oct finishing order. Congratulations goes to the ‘Hartley’ winning boys crew and the ‘Artell’ winning girls crew. However, all the J14 crews should be enormously proud of their day at Wycliffe where they raced extremely well despite difficult conditions.

Thank you to all the coaches that assisted on a very busy day for the club and particular thanks to the parents who made the long trip to Gloucestershire to provide fantastic support for our crews as well as hot soup and copious amounts of sandwiches and cake for the King’s contingent!

A great start to 2018 for King’s Rowing!