Student Blog: Business students visit Jaguar Land Rover

Written by Sixth Form student, Paige Tomlinson (U6GRO)

Last week, A Level Business students visited Jaguar Land Rover in Halewood. After learning about all the different factories around the country and the various different cars produced at each, our tour of the site began. We were able to see each stage of production for the two Range Rovers produced at the Halewood plant, from the raw materials to the end product. The extensive quality checks on the final product were very impressive as they had multiple stages and procedures to ensure only top quality cars were then shipped internationally.

After the tour, we returned to the classroom where we participated in a group competition to make a model car. The aim of the task was to create the car which would be able to travel the furthest once released from the top of a ramp. The teams were mixed with both Upper and Lower Sixth Form students and our teamwork skills tested as we had important decisions to make. We needed to decide the size and shape of the car we were going to make, as well as whether to use any of the extra items available to us which may or may not give an advantage such as added weight. There was a clear winner being the only group that had a car travel to the end of the classroom fully intact!