Student Blog: From the obscure to the expected – co-curricular at King’s

By Georgia Spender, Sixth Form student and Deputy Head of School 

King’s is a hive of teamwork and has an enriching atmosphere with a wide range of opportunities to take part in. From the obscure to the expected; there is a club for everyone. These range from archery to the pirate game club. Outside the more academic clubs, there is a plethora of music clubs for all skill levels.

The Drama department showcases numerous plays a year which are always highly praised, and a great demonstration of the talent and immense amount of hard work put in by both students and staff.

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) runs with enthusiasm. The CCF provides the Cadets with leadership skills and valuable interpersonal skills through challenging, active and adventurous activities – qualities they will take forward into their future careers outside of the school walls.

There are plenty of opportunities to venture on co-curricular trips too. Recently, art students from the 4th year to the Upper Sixth headed to Venice to gain a greater understanding of their own work by appreciating pieces, such as the ones within the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Personally, I think the sport at King’s is exceptional. The renovation of the Sports Centre has boosted the quality of the sport. We have all greatly appreciated the facilities we have been provided with.

When starting in the Junior School, I picked up a hockey stick for the first time – from then on, I have strived to improve my hockey. Now, I enjoy spending my Wednesday afternoon playing for the 1XI girls hockey team. After being introduced to hockey in J2, I joined the Chester Hockey Club. As a junior this aided my ability to work in a team of new players which is invaluable in school and in the wider community. As I have gotten older, I have developed as a player but also as a coach. Developing my coaching skills has enabled me to take opportunities coaching county teams and younger teams at school.

Playing for the hockey team provides me with a midweek break from the academics of Sixth Form life. During Sixth Form, it is important to strike a good work-life balance; an outlet of such. My outlet is hockey, as it provides an escape from school work and a way to enjoy an activity with friends.

Outside from sport, I enjoy other co-curricular activities such as Medical Society, Socratic Dialogue and varying science clubs. I find that this aids my studies and furthers my interest in academics.

Sport at King’s has made my King’s experience and I have many fond memories of playing sport.