Student Blog: Working towards the Leadership Award

Written by Caitlin Thomas (U6GRO)

Throughout my time at King’s I have been heavily involved in the library and I am currently working towards my Leadership Award. This award is where students have to train the younger pupils in all the library skills, take responsibility for choosing books, supervise the library desk (and other pupil librarians) and run a library event involving other pupils, for example, those taking part in the award are taking charge of Harry Potter Day this year. 

The Leadership Award has enabled me to be involved in the running of the library as well as with the progression of other pupils lower down the school. They are currently working towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold Award where they accumulate more and more of the skills needed to be a great pupil librarian.  There are also three students in the Fourths working alongside me to achieve their Leadership Award. 

This award is a great opportunity to develop teamwork as well as leadership skills as you grow in confidence. 

This experience has led me to become the Head of Library prefect for this academic year and I am enjoying working with great pupil librarians to achieve our goals in terms of the School Book Award as well as other projects throughout the year.