Supportive students raise money to help save Chester Zoo

Pupils from King’s Junior School and Willow Lodge have made a fantastic effort to support Chester Zoo by adopting animals and donating money to help save the zoo. 

Chester Zoo is a major part of Chester and a fantastic educational resource for pupils of all ages, from our Infant School pupils to Sixth Form students. Unfortunately, in these unprecedented times, Chester Zoo was facing an uncertain future due to government restrictions and it was unknown when they would be able to re-open. As the charity needs significant funding each month to look after the animals, Chester Zoo reached out to the nation to help save the zoo

Willow Lodge’s Infant 1 class were able to raise a whopping £500 for Chester Zoo. This means the children are able to have 5 junior adoptions and a bronze adoption with a spare £5 donation for the zoo. The children have chosen to adopt a penguin, jaguar, giraffe, tiger, orangutan and an elephant.

The Junior School pupils have also made a great effort in raising money with many pupils donating their pocket money. The J1 class have been able to raise over £400! The pupils chose to adopt a Bornean orangutan, jaguar, tiger, Rodrigues fruit bat, red panda, cheetah, greater one horned rhino, and a black rhino. They have also made a donation with the rest of the money raised. 

Thankfully, due to gaining nationwide support, the zoo have now been able to announce the re-opening of the zoo later this month. 

Chester Zoo have sent their appreciation to the pupils: “We’d like to say a very BIG thank you from all of us at Chester Zoo. Your support really means the world to us, and we hope the children enjoy getting to know a little more about their chosen animals!”