Table Tennis: From lockdown hobby to district champion!

Congratulations to Arnav Vyakernam (3GRO) who, at the age of just 14, has recently been crowned U16 and U18 Table Tennis district champion for Chester and Ellesmere Port. 

Arnav started playing table tennis less than two years ago during the first lockdown, using a net on the dining table and with his Dad as his only opponent. 

When he returned to school, Arnav was encouraged by PE teacher, Mr Egerton, to join the after-school table tennis club, which is coached by professional table tennis coach, Aaron Beech. 

Continuing to play regularly with his Dad, and playing against different people at King’s, meant that Arnav’s game improved significantly and, as a result, Aaron entered him into both the U16 and U18 Chester and Ellesmere Port League Championships.

In a busy day of competition on 1 May, Arnav won the U16 final and the U18 semi-final. Nine days later, he played a best-of-five match in the U18 final, winning three straight games and taking the championship. 

Mr Egerton is very proud of Arnav’s achievement: “When I first saw Arnav play, his talent was immediately obvious and I am delighted that he has pursued his lockdown hobby and been so successful. 

“At King’s, we believe in sport for everyone and I am really pleased that we have been able to support Arnav to reach his potential in table tennis.”