Talented GCSE students on cloud 9 after top results



Delighted King’s School students celebrated an outstanding year of GCSE results, with half of grades achieved at the top level of 9/8.

The fantastic results reflected the hard work and dedication of a talented year group, with the amount of grade 9/8s exceeding pre-pandemic levels (2019).

An incredible 27% of results were grade 9, with 71% at grades 9-7. Ten subjects celebrated more than 80% of grades at 9-7.

Overall, 48% of students achieved seven or more 9/8 grades, with 19 students celebrating 10 or more grade 9/8s.

Headmaster George Hartley said: “I know there has been some understandable concern about the grading of this year’s exams, but our advice to students has remained the same over the past few years; concentrate on your own revision, goals and preparation, and that focus will pay off on results day.

“The lessons learned from that process and the challenges they faced will be as critical to their futures as the results today will be.

“I am delighted that the vast majority are electing to stay on with us for Sixth Form and I also look forward to welcoming the new students who will join us in September. I know they will all thrive in their A Level studies.”


Congratulations to the following students, who achieved a minimum of eight grades 9s:

  • Dominic Egan (eleven 9s)
  • Zafir Ahsan (ten 9s, one 8)
  • Ifeoluwa Oyedeji (ten 9s, one 8)
  • Felix Adey (nine 9s, two 8s)
  • Zach Hard Af Segerstad-Smith (nine 9s, two 8s)
  • Frank Nzuobontane (nine 9s, two 8s)
  • Lukas Pold (nine 9s, two 8s)
  • Peimeng Yang (nine 9s, two 8s)
  • Jessica Clish (nine 9s, two 7s)
  • Manesh Thaman (eight 9s, two 8s)
  • Eva Kenningham (eight 9s, three 8s)
  • Bradley Nzuobontane (eight 9s, three 8s)
  • Ben Whittlestone (eight 9s, one 8, one 7)