Twelve Words of Winter challenge inspires Christmas creativity

Earlier this month, Librarian Mrs Harding set a festive competition that aimed to tap into the creativity of Senior School pupils and staff. 

The 12 Words of Winter is a fun writing challenge that asks students and staff to write a festive or seasonal story in exactly 12 words. 

This year’s competition was judged by Patron of Reading, Sarah Crossan, who spent an enjoyable evening reading the shortlisted entries from across the school.

The winner of the Removes and Shells category was Rose Hard Af Segerstad-Smith (RmRH). Sarah said about Rose’s entry: “It was a very clean and evocative piece of work.”

Olivia Das (3WAL, pictured)) won the Thirds – Upper Sixth category with a story that Sarah described as “beautifully arranged”. Olivia, who is a big fan of Sarah Crossan, said: “I can’t believe that my favourite author chose my story as a winner. It’s the best Christmas present!”

Sarah awarded the staff prize to Dr Hensman, giving him “brownie points for the Home Alone nod.”

Congratulations to all of our winners who received a prize of festive chocolates from Mrs Harding. 


Removes and Shells winning entry: 

Snowflakes dance in the winter’s breeze, a robin hides among Christmas trees 

by Rose Hard Af Segerstad-Smith (RmRH)


Thirds – Upper Sixth winning entry:

frosty january morning

white flakes f 







 on my new hat.










by Olivia Das (3WAL)


Staff winning entry:

Unwise men snaring gifts.

With blowtorch poised and tripwires taut,

Kevin waited.


By Dr Hensman