Tycoon Challenge: LILA jewels present their on-trend bracelets

This year’s Tycoon enterprise competition is underway with five teams of Lower Sixth students hoping to make a success of their businesses. 

In the annual competition, teams have to write a business plan that is approved by the Peter Jones Foundation, and apply for a start-up loan. They then begin trading with the aim of making as much profit as possible.

Our first team to start trading is LILA jewels. Made up of four Lower Sixth girls – Libby Milne (L6LES), Immy Williamson (L6LES), Lotta Jackson (L6WAL) and Arabella Gardiner (L6GLA) – the team saw a gap in the market for affordable, on-trend beaded bracelets and used their start-up loan of £45 to buy supplies such as beads, elastic and charms to make their first batch.

After two days of trading, the team has already taken more than £100 and is busy making their second batch of bracelets.

Libby said: “We know that teenage girls like us want to wear jewellery like this and because the bracelets only take around 15 minutes each to make, we can produce them quickly to keep up with the demand.

“We have purposefully kept our bracelets affordable – £5.99 each or £10 for two – to appeal to our key customer base in school. With Mother’s Day coming up, they also make a thoughtful and reasonably priced gift.”

LILA Jewels are trading outside the gallery at breaktimes and lunchtimes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of term. They accept cash and card payments, as well as Apple Pay. 

Follow @LILA_jewels on Instagram to see their designs.