Virtual Visit with Geraldine McCaughrean

Shells and Third Year pupils were joined by pupils from other schools for a wonderful virtual author event with Geraldine McCaughrean.  Geraldine is a prolific and highly acclaimed author, having written over 170 books and winning numerous awards, including the Carnegie Medal in 1988 and again in 2018.  Geraldine started by talking about how much that first win, in particular, had meant to her as it was as if a gate was being opened to really being an author.  Having never felt clever as a child (and even having to fight to be allowed to remain in school), this award helped her believe that she really was good at something.

Geraldine talked about writing Where the World Ends, which won her the second Carnegie Medal, and more about her latest book The Supreme Lie. This latest book deals with a natural disaster, corrupt politicians and control of the media, but manages to give a darkly funny spin on these events. Pupils were told about how the initial idea came from a real-life disaster of a flood on the Mississippi River, and how she was interested in the different ways in which people (including politicians) reacted to it. When asked about why she chose to include so much humour, she talked about how she sees herself primarily as an entertainer, and that she thinks it is important for books not to be a relentless stream of misery.

Pupils were able to submit questions throughout the chat, and so amongst other things, we were discovered that Geraldine has spent lockdown writing her most bizarre book yet, and we are all hoping that it is published soon as we were all intrigued by this!

Pupils can order copies of Where the World Ends and/or The Supreme Lie by going to the ParentPay shop before the end of the day on Friday 30 April.