Willow Lodge welcomes Ukrainian visitor

Children in Infant 1 were very excited to learn all about life in Ukraine this week as they welcomed a special visitor into Willow Lodge. 

One of our Willow Lodge families is currently hosting a Ukrainian family and the children were keen to learn more about the country, the language and the culture. 

Before their visitor arrived, the children prepared questions for her to help them find out about her country. They ranged from questions about Ukrainian schools and Ukrainian food, to asking whether Ukraine has a queen. 

The children asked their questions, and understand the answers, using a special app that translates conversations in real time. 

Through their questions, the children were able to find Ukraine on a map, and see the countries that the Ukrainian families travelled through to reach the UK.

They also learned the Ukrainian alphabet, and a few useful words so that they could thank their visitor.

Infant 1 teacher, Mrs Williams, thanked the visitor for their time, and for giving the children a useful and interesting insight into life in Ukraine. 

She said: “We are really grateful for today’s visit. One of the most striking things for me is just how similar our two countries are. 

“The children asked lots of questions about food, school, jobs and hobbies, and it was clear that Ukrainian children and parents enjoy the same things that we do in the UK.”