Willow Man helps pupils defeat the veg!

If you’ve been in Willow Lodge at lunchtime recently, you may have spotted a special visitor. Our very own superhero, Willow Man, made his first appearance when the children returned to school after the half term holiday and he set them a challenge – to defeat the veg!

As part of the nationwide campaign to encourage children to eat more veg, Willow Man is making a special appearance every Monday lunchtime until the end of term. He is serving up a different vegetable each week and rewarding the children with a sticker when they add it to their plate.

Our infant lunches are always healthy and well balanced but this extra focus on one vegetable each week has given the children a new excitement and enthusiasm for veggies. The campaign gives each of the vegetables the personality of a baddy who has to be defeated, such as the multi-coloured master pepper who is smooth and shiny on the outside but monstrous on the inside! 

The children are enjoying their superhero visits and are taking great pride in earning their stickers. And we’re enjoying seeing their empty plates.