Watch: Reception classes herald the start of summer around the May Pole

On May 6, our Reception classes marked the beginning of summer in a traditionally British way, with a May Pole dance. 

We were delighted to welcome a professional dancer into Willow Lodge to work with the children around the May Pole.

The children worked together to form simple patterns through movement and dance, even progressing to complex weaves and working out how to reverse their dance to unwind the ribbons. 

Reception teacher and Deputy Head of Willow Lodge, Mrs Jan Callaghan, said: “The children had so much fun, I don’t think they realised how hard they were working to keep rhythm, count their steps and create patterns.

“This was a wonderful way to practise our key skills of maths, problem solving and teamwork – and celebrate our British traditions.”

Click on the video below to see our Robins class in action: