Welcome to the King’s School

As one of the leading co-educational day schools in the country, we strive for ‘unpretentious excellence’ in all that we do. This is perhaps best illustrated in the exceptional people we say farewell to every summer, the great majority of whom head off to university as self-assured, highly capable and exceptionally well-rounded young men and women. Academic excellence and scholarship has always been a great tradition of King’s and we are very proud of our record at the top performing co-educational school in the north-west at A level, though we also imbue our students with a hunger for learning and independent study skills that will set them up for the rest of their lives.

People often comment on the sense of warmth, purpose and energy of King’s when they first visit us in full swing. We are a very busy school but also one which values respect, positive relationships and teamwork above all else, thereby allowing our pupils to make the very most of themselves in a place where they feel valued as individuals and enjoy attending every day. We also recognise that children growing up inevitably encounter a few bumps in the road so our outstanding pastoral provision ensures that pupils always feel well-supported and cared for.

We also highly value the importance of broader activities as an integral aspect of the best possible education and offer a remarkably diverse programme of co-curricular activities across the whole school. We want every pupil to get thoroughly stuck into such activities so they can discover new passions and find their niche whilst staying both physically and mentally fit. Such activities are also crucial in developing personality and character, including traits such as emotional intelligence, resilience, adaptability and leadership.

What we offer is actually quite simple; the very best academic education where pupils come first and have the freedom and confidence to grow and develop in a caring environment. We fundamentally want every individual pupil to achieve more than they ever thought possible whilst developing as independently-minded, confident and happy individuals who are eager to make their mark in society and live lives that matter.

I hope you enjoy finding out more about this fantastic school. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to come and see it for yourself.

George Hartley