Careers Breakfast: Mrs Marie-Agnès Beetschen

On Friday, 17 June, it was a pleasure to welcome Marie-Agnès Beetschen to speak at our Careers Breakfast.

Mrs Beetschen is a product innovation expert and consultant in Behavioural, Sensory and Consumer Science. 

Students were interested to hear about her career path, which has included working on global brands such as Evian, KitKat, Lynx and Dove, and they listened intently as she explained how she uses consumer insights to transform product design and inform business decisions. 

There was also an enjoyably interactive element to Mrs Beetschen’s presentation which encouraged students to think about how they are influenced by big brands, supermarkets and online advertising. 

Head of Careers, Dr Hensman, thanked Mrs Beetschen for an eye-opening overview of her specialist field and, in particular, for the specific careers advice that she gave. 

He said: “It has been wonderful to hear about Mrs Beetschen’s very international career, especially all the well-known brands she has worked with.  

“She also left students with a very informative leaflet about the different career paths in the industry, and a list of helpful websites.”

The leaflet has now been added to the careers page of Firefly so that all students can access it.