Careers Breakfast: Peter O’Malley, Medical Devices Industry

We were delighted to welcome Mr Peter O’Malley to talk about careers in the Medical Devices Industry at this morning’s Careers Breakfast. 

Specialising in structural heart and aortic devices, Mr O’Malley works for Medtronic, the biggest medical devices company in the world.

Mr O’Malley’s presentation was entitled “Engineering the Extraordinary” and used powerful examples of how companies like Medtronic transform people’s lives on a daily basis.

As well as hearing about Mr O’Malley’s own career path, students received a crash course in the anatomy of the heart and were thrilled to be able to handle some of the products that Medtronic produce to solve the population’s most complex and challenging health problems. 

Head of Careers, Dr Hensman, thanked Mr O’Malley for an engaging presentation. 

He said: “It has been fascinating to learn about the Medical Devices Industry this morning and the importance of the work they do, as well as the range of career opportunities available.  

“From aspiring engineers, scientists and medics to lawyers and business leaders, all of the students who attended today’s Careers Breakfast will have found something that was relevant to them and given them something to think about.”