King’s Rowing Club Pudding Races 2020

Eighteen crews raced for the 2020 Rowing Club Pudding Races in a revised format for 2020, with the J14 crews racing over 2000 metres and the J15-J18 crews racing over 3000 metres. The racing was, as always, of a high quality and this years fancy dress, was once again colourful and inventive. 

In the J14 event, the two octuples recorded exactly the same time! With the winning  crew being the coxed quad named “Santa” with Jonni Ashton (3DUT), Finlay Noble (3FOX), Alvern Qian (3FOX), Sam Rooker-Roberts (3WAL) and Ben Steel (3BRD). 

In the senior event, the quickest crews were as follows: 

The top Fourth Year team were “Santa”, a J15 coxed quad with William Saul (4DUT), Cordelia England (4DUT), Maya Swift (4BRD), Ben Threadgold (4LES). Santa recorded the third quickest percentage of the day. 

The top Fifth Year team were “The Three Kings” , a J16 quad with Ted Arnold (5LES), James Jacobs (5FOX), George Munday (5BRD) and Freddie Spillane (5WER). The “Three King’s” recorded the second quickest percentage of the day. 

The top Sixth Form team of the day and quickest percentage of the day were “Team Comet”. The team consisted of Emilia Jenks (L6WER), Henry Banfield (L6GRO), James Heritage (L6FOX), Stephanie Lyon (L6LES), Hope Pearce (U6WER), Giorgio Poletti (L6DUT), William Standing (U6WER), Lily Van Loock (U6GLA) and Daisy Ellis (U6BRD). 

Well done to the winning crews from each of the four age categories, each of whom receive a traditional Christmas Pudding! 

The fancy dress competition was won by the J16s version of “Naughty & Nice” a brilliant collaboration by two J16 teams of VIII.