Virtual Author Visit: Will Sutcliffe

Our Thirds Book Club were thrilled to have a virtual visit with the author Will Sutcliffe at lunchtime today.  Will is the author of many books for adults and teenagers, and his latest book, The Gifted, The Talented and Me is on the shortlist for the School Teen Book Award.  The members of the club quizzed Will about his inspiration for the school in the book, why he chose to start writing for teenagers and we even got an idea of what his new book (out in the summer) will be about. 

Will’s passion for writing for teenagers was wonderful to see. He talked about how much fun it is to write for this audience in terms of his more political, dystopian books and also in funnier books such as The Gifted, The Talented and Me

We are so grateful to Will for giving up his time and also for being happy to have the chat recorded so that we can share it with a wider audience.  The video will be made available to other pupils to watch during the first week in March (to coincide with World Book Day).