Learning to Learn

Our Learning to Learn Programme

As we continue to celebrate each individual student at King’s, we want to help them achieve the very best that they are capable of in a supportive and caring environment. Academically, we want to maintain our strong tradition of scholarship and examination success, whilst also keeping in mind the well-being of the students and developing highly effective learning skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We are delighted to launch our new Learning to Learn Programme for Removes from September 2018 and Shells from September 2019. This exciting initiative is designed to improve learning and outcomes for students in a sustainable, embedded way.

  • A new innovative and integrated programme of study skills, including revision techniques, from J3 to Upper Sixth
  • Regular assessments through the year to replace end of year exams for Removes (from Sept 2018) and Shells (from Sept 2019)
  • A greater emphasis on comment-based feedback to support individual learning
  • A new grading system focused on individual progress and attitude to learning